Distilled Traditional Form in Phillips Park, DC

Set within the gently rolling hillside of a newly established DC subdivision, the geometry of this “L” shaped floor plan works well to “hold-back” the sloping terrain while providing a natural rear yard privacy buffer from neighboring hillside homes above. The façade of this four-bedroom home is equally pragmatic. Rendered with minimalist flare and detail, the traditional exterior form of this two-story home has a uniquely progressive presence with little need for ornamentation. The sun-washed earthy stucco walls and slender proportioned dark window openings, amplify the geometric order of this homes stylistic curb appeal.

The contemporary interior design of the open-concept floor plan has been architecturally integrated into each room with various ceiling design treatments. Recessed light coves, shiplap ceiling panels, layered/stepped sections and cathedral tray ceiling designs are employed throughout the home to further refine each room’s light, volume and architectural character.