High End Spec Suites Designed for Flexibility

Renovating the entire 8th floor at 750 17th Street NW, GTM Architects created three suites ranging from 2,400-5,000 square feet, all of which were quickly leased to various tenants for their offices. The suites were designed to meet the needs and appeal to a wide range of users. The open areas provide flexibility to accommodate either benching stations or traditional workstation cubicles, while standard sized offices allow tenants further options to utilize them as smaller conference rooms or huddle rooms.

Daylight and views were taken into consideration to ensure both open work areas and private offices would benefit from any available access. All offices and conference rooms feature full glass fronts, helping bring natural light into the interior spaces. The largest suite is built for future flexibility and can be downsized into two smaller suites, if desired. Planning the suite with conference rooms at each end and with both a large, main galley and smaller galley allows for a split with minimal changes required. The suites’ higher end finishes ensure the tenants an environment elevated beyond a standard spec suite. The decorative elements used throughout portray a bold statement, but still remain dynamic enough that a new tenant can infuse the space with their own brand.