Former Record Store Converted into a Brewery and Taproom

Astro Lab Brewing retained GTM Architects to design their new brewery and taproom capturing the co-founders’ fresh and innovative approach to the industry.

The co-founders selected a former record store located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring. The excellent location presented challenges to meet the clients’ needs, whether maintaining egress within a narrow footprint, or designing for an outdoor patio in front with garage doors to save on roof deck budget.

GTM’s design Team selected warm woods wrapping the bar and table tops against cool toned polished cement floors. The rustic finishes and reclaimed elements create a stunning space where the true feature of the design stands out: the tap selections. That main attraction, beer, takes center stage with white text taps against clean black signage. Whether taking a tour, grabbing eats, or attending an event, patrons enjoy an inclusive, intimate space with the freshest tap selections from the production brewery and taproom.

Another industrial touch is the tap tower’s black piping against a white brick wall, creating a contrast that draws the eyes of guests and helps showcase the connection to the brewing operation in the back of the building. Highlighting this aspect of the client’s business, GTM even provides viewers a glimpse into Astro Lab’s process and the active brewing tanks all the way in the back.



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