GTM Provided a Design that met the Client's Vision

Banana Blossom Bistro is a new restaurant concept located in the Riverdale Park Town Center in Riverdale, MD. Inspired by the banana blossom, the client desired to create an upscale limited service, fast casual restaurant serving modern, authentic Vietnamese food. Banana leaves, known as ‘lá chuối’ in Vietnamese, are widely used in the kitchen and guided the design. Vietnamese cuisine is also heavily French-influenced, and GTM provided a design that met the client’s vision to combine elements of both cultures with a rustic French/Parisian bistro style.

Banana Blossom Bistro occupies 2,189 SF within the existing base building. The new restaurant includes a private dining area, added to provide more seating and intimacy. Authentic Vietnamese floor tiles provided by the client highlight the private dining area. A focus on community was important to the client who invited local wood workers to create custom millwork pieces for the space.



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