Distinctive Office Spaces Designed for Growth

Encompassing an entire floor, the newest Bohler office in Herndon, VA utilizes its reception and main galley as a central hub to the north and south office areas. Starting from the elevator lobby, custom glass panels in blue and walnut wood correlate with wood throughout the space and play off Bohler’s branded blue. Recessed linear lights help to guide you further into the space, as guests are welcomed by a coffee bar with striking blue tile and pendant lights. Conference rooms flanking the reception area provide an inviting area for clients while also giving each department access to their own conference spaces.

Sufficient space to accommodate the three main departments of Bohler – engineering, corporate, and surveying – was critically important. Designing a flexible space plan that ensured room for future growth, whether for private offices or workstations, was a challenge GTM gladly overcame. The large galley located south off the elevator lobby serves as a main meeting space for all employees. The mix of seating, consisting of high top bar seating as well as tables with chairs, provides engaging social areas or alternate work spaces. The custom banquette with alternating fabric panel backing provides added acoustical benefits to the large space. The full-height blue accent tile unifies the design, recalling the coffee bar at the suite entrance.

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