Sleek and Sophisticated Office Design

To meet the requirements for Brostrom Berlin’s new office in Bethesda MD, GTM Architects was engaged to take two available tenant suites and combine them into one, while utilizing as many of the existing perimeter offices as possible. The goal was to have a central gathering hub, where the staff could eat, meet, and relax in a space with open ceilings and dramatic millwork. The resulting workspace would encompass multiple offices, huddle rooms, a conference room, pantry and lounge area, and the suite’s welcoming entry reception.

New finishes and updated lighting were installed throughout to create a sleek, modern and sophisticated design. The central hub space for employees included a nine-foot quartz island and the use of sliding felt acoustical panels for added functionality to open or enclose this space depending upon the room’s desired purpose. Suspended acoustical felt baffles hang over the lounge seating area to help reduce noise transmission while also creating a sense of space and adding an accent in the company’s branded color.

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