A Unifying Material Palette and New Balcony to Highlight Retail Tenants

GTM’s renovation project for Cabin John Village Façade encompassed an extensive overhaul for the one to two story Shopping Center ranging approximately 2,500 linear feet. The renovation introduced a variety of new materials to the buildings, including shiplap siding, Shou Sugi Ban siding, porcelain tile, aluminum composite panel, EIFS and natural wood. Despite the multiple materials, the overall palette consisted of unifying neutral colors to allow tenant signage to act as the primary focal point.

The new Cabin John Village design included adding a 100-foot long structural balcony along the two-story portion of the Shopping Center, with an exposed steel structure, wood accents and new openings for tenant access. New metal canopies and fabric awnings were added, which serve to highlight the individual tenants and entryways. In addition, a comprehensive exterior lighting design provided decorative wall sconces, pendant fixtures and string lights, as well as accommodations for seasonal lighting.



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