Bold and Colorful Design to Emphasize a Playful Brand

Wanting to reinforce their existing brand, Captain Cookie & The Milkman engaged us to design the shop’s Eastern Market location using design elements from their food trucks, online presence and previous brick and mortar stores as inspiration. The retail space was small for the new cookie and ice cream shop and required challenging work with many of the existing conditions to make the space successful.

A commercial kitchen, POS and retail section, back of house area, and a tasting area were designed to occupy the small shop. Since the owner was not permitted the addition of graphics on the storefront windows, we had to carefully consider what customers would see from the outside to highlight the brand as best as possible. The client’s signature superhero illustrations are prominently highlighted with primary colors and strong lines punctuating the space. Clean white tile walls are accented with stripes of red, blue and yellow tile, extending further in paint throughout the remaining walls and ceiling. We incorporated blue hex floor tiles into the wood flooring, which both complemented this bold design and allowed us to retain some of existing wood floor. Pops of color and exciting graphics complete the retail shop and emphasize the client’s bold and playful brand.

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