Modern and Sophisticated Design for Fed Ex

GTM was retained to build out a 10,000 SF corporate office for Federal Express (FedEx) in downtown Washington, DC. This particular office space is home to FedEx’s corporate attorneys and accountants so it was important to separate private and public spaces. The main objective was to provide a modern and sophisticated design with a ‘wow’ factor to impress FedEx clients that travel from near and far. Another goal was to highlight the monumental views and to bring in as much natural light as possible.

The overall design aesthetic is mid-century modern, incorporating clean lines, modern lighting and a neutral color palette with warm wood tones throughout the space.

The public areas contain the ‘wow’ factor with custom ceilings, lighting, and an abundance of glass. The drywall cloud ceiling in the reception area and break room is custom designed, incorporating the FedEx arrow which is intentionally subtle, mimicking the company’s corporate logo. The reception area has warm wood vinyl plank flooring and is anchored by a large, custom reception desk and a comfortable carpeted seating area. An accent wall with white textured decorative panels with a recessed TV also acts as a focal point in the space. The reception area provides ample room to be used as a pre-function area outside of the two conference rooms. The floating wood slat ceiling in the conference rooms is another design feature, providing visual interest, texture and acoustics with a concealed black acoustical ceiling tile above. A glass transom window between the two conference rooms allows the floating wood slat ceiling to visually continue through the two spaces. The break room is multi-functional with banquette seating and a large island adjacent from a TV wall that can be used as an informal meeting space. This space is balanced with a combination of materials that enhance the mid-century modern aesthetic: concrete vinyl flooring, wood cabinetry, white quartz countertops, a large brass pendant light fixture and geometric shapes.

Glass walls with black mullions are located throughout the entire suite, flooding the space with natural light, allowing the monumental views to be fully visible, and contributing to the mid-century modern aesthetic.

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