The rapidly growing technology solutions provider expands their locations

Similar to their Headquarters, an environment that was efficient and engaging, and one the staff could take pride in were key elements. “Pod” areas with bench type workstations comprise the majority of heads down workspaces for teams. These areas are separated from the open office by gradient blue walls in which the use of marker board paint allows for brainstorming and collaboration. A wood slat feature ceiling provides visual separation and place to lounge informally within the open work area.

The use of reclaimed walnut throughout is a warm contrast to the cool toned finishes. Slim linear LED light fixtures were used within the “Pod” areas. These thin profile fixtures, the width of the ceiling grid, provide ambient lighting around the perimeter of the room, but are also a design feature. There is a demo room featuring a floating credenza mounted along the walnut wall, which conceals electronic equipment. The black frames of the glass doors and furniture enhance the rustic feel of the walnut. From the LED linear fixtures to the recessed down lights along the perimeter to the wall sconces, a variety of lighting is used in the Demo room to allow for a multitude of functions.

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