Obsidian Men’s Health offers a 5 star, concierge experience for all aspects of men’s sexual health and overall well-being.

The design team’s mission was to take a second generation space and design a new, boutique medical practice in the Tysons Corner area.  The space was required to be clinically functional, yet welcoming. As well as, a space where patients will feel comfortable, and can relax in total privacy.  The program enables Obsidian Men’s Health to offer superior care in an exceptional environment.

The design team created a circulation flow that incorporates a separate entry and exit, thereby enabling the patient to feel as if they are the only ones in the office at any given time.  The Exam Rooms, Doctors’ offices and Recovery Rooms are on either end of the footprint, with the large Procedure Room and Reception Area centrally located.  A small private Waiting Room is available off the Reception, as well as an open Beverage Bar.  The discreet Corridor/Art Gallery occurs behind the Reception Area to ensure privacy.

The space featured energy efficient and substantial design features such as LED light fixtures, energy star appliances, low flow and automatic plumbing fixtures. The design also included high end finishes utilizing stone, glass, wood, and metallic tiles. The finishes no only added substantiality, it give the space a degree of sophistication the business model required.

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