Practical and Soothing Design for a Medical Facility

For their location in Alexandria, VA, Premier Acute Care Services engaged GTM Architects to design their compact office and medical care facility, an emergency room alternative for non-life threatening conditions offering a wide range of medical services. With space at a premium, every corner of the office was carefully considered to make the best use of all available areas while creating a feeling of openness and easy flow throughout.

The nurses’ station, positioned in the middle of all exam rooms, provides a central hub for the staff to work and congregate, as well as allowing them open visibility and access to their patients. A separate COVID exam room, with access directly from the office exterior, can also be accessed internally by staff through the lab space to allow easy testing of possible COVID patients while not compromising the health of others. Located in the back of the facility are the doctor’s office, break room and staff restroom, providing necessary private space for the staff on duty.

Natural materials and a calming color palette are used to create a welcoming space that draws a connection to nature. Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring provides durability while echoing the look of natural stone. The earthy green accent walls, wood slats and tree motif wall covering are all reminiscent of nature, giving the space a tranquil aesthetic.

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