Creating a Radically Transparent “Open Office” Concept

The inspiration behind renovating PACT’s space began with acknowledging the disconnect between the company’s marketing arm and the interior architecture. Corporate finishes, high paneled workstations, and a maze of private offices didn’t distinguish it from other businesses, reflect its true corporate culture, or allude to the tremendous impact it has in a myriad of developing countries. GTM developed a comprehensive design that embraced the organization’s tenets, encouraged natural collaboration between teams, and reflected the people being assisted by the PACT work. The latter design premise involved subtle allusions to raw goods or a local environment through color, transparency, and reclaimed materials within the interior space. GTM collaborated with a local artist to introduce direct messaging to educate visitors on the diversity of geographic areas impacted, the variety of outreach programs, and the results made possible by PACT. The lighting design employed varied fixtures to frame and accentuate a wide-range of graphic media and to define zones where no walls are present.

Reflecting PACT’s philosophy involved creating a radically transparent, “open office” concept whereby all but the most sensitive positions were relocated to panel-less, efficient workstations. PACT prides itself in equality and no distinction was made between senior level and entry level workstations. To the greatest extent, any private offices were constructed with glass panels and doors. These critical decisions removed psychological and physical barriers resulting in a more fluid and dynamic work environment. Additionally, with no perimeter offices, natural light permeates the interior and access to exterior views provides respite for the eye.

Every design decision – from layout to lighting, concrete floors to column art – needed to serve a purpose. Those purposes were to reflect PACT’s ideals, facilitate employee productivity, accelerate their mission, and encourage a guest to become involved in building local promise – here or abroad.

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