Inspired by the New England Seaside

Inspired by the New England seaside vernacular, this eclectic shingle-style home modestly boasts a total living area of approximately 11,000 sf.  Reducing the visual scale of structures this size is accomplished here by lowering the roof eave and housing a second floor and attic within the cedar shingle-clad roof assembly.  The low-slung roof line also creates a much more dramatic front yard presentation to the flanking pair of roof gable features. Also breaking from the emphatically linear lines of the façade is a gently curved eyebrow dormer and bowed attic windows recessed within each roof gable to complete the front composition.

This otherwise traditional home received a slightly contemporary twist of color.  Typical Cape Cod fashion contrasts gray shingles against crisp white trim.  In this more vibrant approach, a pastel tone of blue shingles and white trim achieve a punctuation of depth in the form of black window frames and vibrant indigo entry door.

The home’s floor plan was designed in the form of a bent “L” shape with the garage wing angled from the main body of the house.  This form allows the front, with its angled garage appendage, to act as a dividing wall and enclosure to the private rear-yard garden and pool beyond.