Contemporary Outdoor Pavilion and Entertaining Space

To supplement our client’s existing home with additional outdoor living and recreational space, GTM created a contemporary outdoor pavilion strategically designed to take full advantage of the rear yard landscape and pool setting. The stunning addition includes an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, dining area and living space, providing homeowners the ultimate entertainment hub.

The pavilion casts a striking silhouette with a unique solid void massing and a large, cantilevered flat roof structure that gracefully covers the living spaces, ensuring shade and protection from the elements. The open-air wood trellis adds an elegant design feature while also allowing natural light to filter through. The metal, concrete, and wood construction materials provide a seamless blend of modern and natural elements that create a beautiful contrast of the dark fireplace against the wood trellis balanced with the light-colored kitchen to the side.

Among the structure’s standout features is the focal point it establishes around the home’s alluring pool area. The pavilion serves as a dramatic centerpiece, drawing attention with its sleek architectural design and extending the living spaces outdoors as a natural retreat for the homeowners to enjoy.