Artistic Renovation for a Historic Dining Destination

When Sequoia, Georgetown’s well-established dining destination at The Washington Harbour, embarked on a reimagining of the 26,600 square foot restaurant, GTM Architects worked with the Owner and Jeffery Beers International interior designers to realize the restaurant’s significant renovation. The overhaul of the two-story space included relocating the main bar, new finishes, fixtures, equipment, furniture and lighting layout, and exterior work to redesign the restaurant’s outdoor dining terrace.

The relocation of Sequoia’s bar from the second-floor mezzanine to the main floor created a new, dynamic focal point for the restaurant. Incorporating the Owner’s love of contemporary art pieces was also paramount to the redesign, utilizing lighting, furniture, and other design elements driven by artists into one cohesive design.

Due to the project’s Georgetown location, GTM shepherded the entire exterior design, including a 40-foot-tall sculpture by the renowned artist Arne Quinze, through the extensive historic approvals required. Sequoia’s new terrace layout was revised to relocate the outdoor bar and the main access ways through the space. Large central staircases were created to lead patrons from the River Promenade up to the dining room, providing a dramatic completion the four tiers of outdoor terrace dining overlooking the Potomac River.



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